207-2 Yumoto, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0301
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NasuKogen Visitor Center | Nikko National Park

Nasukogen Visitor Center

The Nasukogen Visitor Center is located within Nikko National Park in the Nasu-
Kashi area, which straddles Tochigi and Fukushima Prefectures. The Center provides
information on activities in the Nasu-Kashi area, offers exhibits that introduce the
area’s history and natural environment, and features monthly displays of craftwork,
photography, and news from local enthusiasts.

A touchscreen panel gives information on outdoor activities and lodgings in English,
Korean, and Chinese. Staff can suggest hiking routes and explain the weather and
mountain conditions.

When the weather is not suitable for hiking, Visitor Center guests can take one of
several “virtual walks” that employ a touch-sensitive floor pad and video screen to
display the routes in first-person view. Children can explore a hands-on exhibit that
includes games, specimens of plants and insects, the sounds of the seasons, gloves in
the shape of animal hands, and an artificial re-creation of the forest floor. Other video
terminals (some with English subtitles) explain the volcanic history of the Nasu
mountains, seasonal scenery, wildlife, and local legends.

The Visitor Center is an eco-friendly building constructed with locally sourced timber
and andesite (volcanic rock). The facility uses long-lasting LEDs and derives part of
its electrical power from solar panels. The heating in the lounge area is provided by a
stove that burns pellets made of compressed wood waste—an efficient use of
industrial byproducts—rather than fossil fuels.

The gazebo and lawn area surrounding the center are ideal for picnics and afford a
splendid view of Mt. Chausu and the rest of the Nasu mountain range.

Free Admission

The Visitor Center features displays showcasing the culture and history of the Nasu-Kashi area, including the natural heritage of its hot springs and volcanoes as well as its links with the Imperial family.
All facilities are available for visitors to use free of charge.
(Admission fees may apply for special events)

For group visits, please contact us in advance to ensure that your visit goes smoothly.
  • Restroom break

    Restroom break

    Also a great place to kill a bit of time.
    Check out the gorgeous toilets!
  • 15-minute video screening

    15-minute video screening

    Watch an educational video featuring the organisms that inhabit the area’s volcanoes, water, plants, and forests.
    Watch the video for overview of the Nasu-Kashi area.
    subtitles/English Korean Chinese (Simplified, Traditional)
  • Rainy Day Activities

    Rainy day activities

    Everyone hopes for fair weather for their hike. But what if it’s raining? This is a great time to explore the Visitor Center. We don’t even mind if you save it for rainy days!

Nasukogen Visitor Center and Grounds

Nasukogen Visitor Center and Grounds
  • Exhibition Room/Special Exhibition Room

    The exhibition room features videos highlighting the local natural heritage and places of interest in the Nasu-Kashi area, a showcase of Nasu folklore, and virtual walks that offer a variety of simulated hiking experiences.
    In the Special Exhibition room, you can explore an exhibit highlighting Nasu’s relationship with Japan’s Imperial family.  Exhibition Room/Special Exhibition Room  Exhibition Room/Special Exhibition Room
  • Lounge and Information Desk

    The lounge features a library nook and an Information Desk with information on a variety of outdoor activities.  Lounge and Information Desk
  • Lecture Room

    The Center’s large lecture room can accommodate about 100 people and is used to host conferences, lectures, and special exhibitions.  Lecture Room
  • Visitor Center Grounds

    The Visitor Center’s grounds afford views of the Nasu mountain range from the promenade and lawn.
    Please feel free to stroll around.  Visitor Center Grounds

Visiting the Facilities

Admission Free
Hours of Operation April 1 to November 30: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Dec 1 to March 31: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Holidays Wednesdays (or the following day when a public holiday falls on a Wednesday)
*However the Center is open every day in May, August, and October
The Center is also closed for inspections for two days in both January and September.
Parking Free
Capacity: 77 cars (2 spaces reserved for accessible parking) / 5 buses

Bus Tours

If you would like to arrange a group visit, we would be happy to facilitate your arrival and assure prompt access to the Exhibition Room. Please contact us in advance by mailform with the name of your group, the number of visitors in your party (including details such as how many are children below high school age and how many are seniors aged 65 or older).
*Naturally, you can also visit the Center on the day of your visit without calling ahead.