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Before you come

Before starting hiking or climbing:
Tips for Clothing and Things to Bring

Clothing & Equipment

The hiking trails and climbing routes in the Nasu-kashi region are in highlands and mountains and the elevation ranges from 800 to 1,900 meters. The weather is changeable and the temperature can drop rapidly in the morning and evening.

Weather can be highly changeable at the best of times, so we strongly recommend bringing a waterproof jacket and pants (not all-in-one) suitable for walking for many hours in adverse conditions.

If you’re hiking on short to medium-length trails with hardly any elevation difference, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear lightweight shoes (such as sneakers) that have been worn in. However, if you’re thinking about walking for several hours on widely varying elevations or walking short distances on rough terrain, it’s highly recommended to wear fitted hiking boots with excellent traction.
Wearing the most appropriate footwear for any given trail will prevent you from tiring quickly and of course make for a much more enjoyable excursion.